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eavestrough repair guelph

Eavestrough repair is a common yearly maintenance job for most home owners. Here we have collected the most common questions about eavestrough repair that we get from our contact page. 

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Are gutter guards good?

It depends on your situation. If you’ve got a mature yard with a lot of big trees then gutter guards will really serve you well. They’ll save you time and yearly headaches by helping to prevent your gutters from becoming clogged up.

How much does it cost to fix a gutter?

You can expect an average price range for a repair to fall between $200 – $600.  Variables to consider include:

  • House height
  • Type of gutters
  • Length of gutters
  • Repair type
  • Needed materials

The industry standard cost for replacing a gutter system is between $15 – $30 per linear food for labour and materials.

Why are my gutters dripping?

There are a few reasons gutters drip. Overloaded downspouts or a clogged downspout. Holes or damage could be causing the drips as well. Every spring and fall is when you should be checking your eavestroughs. This will prevent clogs from leaf litter and other refuse. If you neglect your gutters they may start to leak and drip water near to the foundation.

Can bent gutters be repaired?

If the gutter is crushed or its integrity compromised the best course of action is to replace it.

Should I repair or replace gutters?

Eavestroughs will need to be replaced if:

  • The gutter is collapsed or crushed
  • The gutter is sagging
  • The gutter is pulling away from your home
  • If the gutter is not level
  • If the gutter is bent, dented or holes that are beyond repair

Is standing water normal in gutters?

Standing water in your gutter system is not normal. It should be handled right away. The main function of a gutter system is to direct rainwater away from your home. Standing water in your gutter system could be an indication of a bigger problem and should be inspected by a professional.

Do gutter guards work in heavy rain?


Gutter guards work extra well in the rain. But it’s good to have the for all kinds of weather. 


Why do my gutters overflow in heavy rain?

There are two reasons the gutters could be overflowing. 

  1. The gutter has too few downspouts causing the gutters to overflow when overwhelmed. 
  2. The gutter was installed incorrectly and the level is not set correctly

These problems can be fixed quickly by a professional.

Are gutter guards a waste of money?

If you currently spend a lot of time cleaning leaves out of eavestroughs then gutter guards may be a very valuable item. They do a good job of preventing leaves and debris from clogging the gutters. 

How do you repair damaged gutters?

We approach all of our work professionally and safely. We treat your property as if it were our mother’s house. We have the right tools and experience to deliver a professional gutter repair job that fixes your issue.

How often should house gutters be replaced?

Gutters usually need to be replaced about every 20 years, but with good maintenance, they will last longer. The aluminum 5inch gutter systems have an expected lifespan of 30 years.

How do I stop my gutters from dripping?

Call Guelph Roofers for a professional and safe Guelph gutter repair.