Ashphalt Singles

Choosing the right Ashphalt Shingles can seem overwhelming. Most people want astetics and function and not to think about anything else. 

Guelph Roofers will give you the information you need while completing a professional job. 


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Asphalt Shingles

Function and Style

Ashphalt shingles are the typical roof covering in north america. They are available in many differnt styles and colours from a broad range of different manufactureres. 

Roughly 80% of residential roofs in Guelph are using ashphalt shingles because they work and are cost effective.  Properly installed ashphalt shingles will protect your home and enhanse the curb appeal of your most valuable asset. A great looking roof improves the beauty, character and value of your home.  Ashphalt shingles are backed by some of the best warranties out there. But metal roofs do have a better warranty offered.


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