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Roof Repair Guelph handles missing shingles repair, leaky skylights, pooling water and more!

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Roof repair Guelph knows the value of a home’s roof.  If you keep it well maintained it will keep your property safe and your house looking its best.

If you have a leaking roof it does not always mean you need a whole roof replacement.

Roof spot repairs are a cost-effective solution for the majority of roofing problems. Not all roofs are created equal, at Guelph Roofers we specialize in offering custom roof repair solutions for commercial and residential roofs all Guelph, Fergus, Elora, Erin and area. Our skilled tradesmen will inspect your roof, find the source of leak, and fix it for you professionally.  In a timely manner.



Damaged or missing shingle replacement

Replacing missing or damaged shingles will stop a leak and significantly prolong the life of your roof.

Chimney leaks repair

Chimney leaks could be caused by a variety of factors including improper installation of shingles, failure to put ice and water shield around the chimney during original roof installation or faulty flashing installation. As a result, water seepage could cause mold, mildew and water damage.

Leaky skylight repair

Inappropriate installation, shingle failure, or skylight flashing, are the most common causes of leaks around your skylight that result in significant water damage to skylight framing, plywood, insolation and possibly your ceiling.

Metal / closed valley repair 

Valley leaks pose a significant threat not only to your roof but to your entire house. A valley is a connecting point between two sides of the roof. As a result, any leak in the valley could mean double the damage.

A good thing to remember about mandatory ongoing maintenance is that during the winter season snow and ice can pile up in your valley.  If your valley is damaged water can accumulate. This can cause all kinds of expensive problems over the long term.



Wall flashing repair or replacement 

Roof flashing refers to sheet metal installed at any breaks, joints or edges of your roof to prevent leaks. Faulty flashing could result in significant water damage to your house and mold growth in the attic.

Animal Damage

 Raccoons and squirrels are known for the tremendous damage they could cause to your roof. In search of a shelter, they could break roof vents, rip off shingles and create a hole in your roof to get into your attic. We offer customized solutions to prevent animals from entering your attic via the installation of metal mesh or a variety of
other barriers. In addition, our products are completely animal-safe.

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