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Guelph Roofers handle all types of Skylight Repairs, Maintenance and All Specialty Needs

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Guelph Roofers also complete Skylight repairs, replacements and new installations. These are our some of our specialties.


 Skylights can be prone to leaking at times due to the product.  Most of skylight leaks we’ve encountered at Guelph Roofers,  however occur due to workmanship.

We strongly believe in providing a great skylight product made by only one reputable company like Velux. This takes the product out of the equation and we can focus on giving you a skylight you’ll enjoy for years to come. One that increases the value of your home rather than turning your roof into a liability.

Skylight replacements are strongly advised when a new roof replacement project is undertaken from property owners. Roofs do not last longer than skylights or vice versa.


Guelph skylight repair
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